Project Management

Best-in-Class Kitchen Renovation Project Management

Are you planning a kitchen renovation project? If yes, Kitchen Living by Duenas is right here to assist you. Whether you want to get a luxury kitchen designed from scratch or need to upgrade an existing one, we’ll help you out with the best quality cabinets and countertops in Aurora. Our professionals not only install new products but also replace the existing ones.

With our amazing kitchen renovation project management, we can mitigate the inconvenience with careful planning and management. We follow a step by step approach to make sure what you receive is always of the superior quality.

What We Do?

Being a creator of kitchen living environments, we ensure in every step along the renovation process that our projects are running on time and more importantly on budget. We plan, schedule, coordinate and supervise everything from the concept design to execution and completion of the renovation project.

We regularly undertake building work as part of a kitchen project and with our in-house skills in the building industry, we are able to offer comprehensive building works as part of our complete and fully managed service. Our work includes:

  • Deciding the new kitchen style
  • Finalising the kitchen layout
  • Ensuring all measurements are accurate
  • Setting a timeline for project completion
  • Setting a budget for your new kitchen
  • Finalising the kitchen design
  • Preparing for the installation process

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

No matter, how big or small your project is, it can be completed efficiently with proper remodeling and management. At Kitchen Living by Duenas, we follow multiple ways to design a modern kitchen that not only exceeds your expectations but also turns out to enhance the value of your property. Ours is a licensed and insured company that has been serving the residential clients for past many years. We are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to achieve it at every cost.

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