Urban settings are becoming increasingly popular amongst families and baby boomers. People still want to “live large” even if done in smaller spaces. Outdoor kitchens in urban bonfire’s urban collection are custom made to fit even the most compact spaces, while adding convenience, functionality and a beautiful aesthetic to decks, rooftops, balconies and terraces.


Designed to maximize both the space and functionality of each cabinet, our universal track system integrates seamlessly with fixed shelves, kamado accessory racks, pull-out drawers, a retractable garden hose and a garbage/recycling system.


Great care and investments were made to ensure that every detail of urban bonfire’s outdoor kitchen system provides clients with beauty, longevity and value.


We offer a curated selection of colors, hardware design, accessories and material options to allow for full creativity in the layout, functionality and appearance of every custom kitchen.


Urban bonfire custom outdoor kitchen systems are compatible with most major grill and outdoor cooking brands.


We are dedicated to creating designs that are expressions of our clients’ individuality. this passion for creative design makes the art of developing custom outdoor kitchen solutions highly engaging and interactive. we believe that custom outdoor kitchen systems should reflect the lifestyle, aesthetic and spatial parameters of every individual client.